my love remains lyrics – chester see

if i’m not around when you fall
when there’s not a number to call
when you’re searching for answers the world can’t
think of me
and know my love remains

and i pray that you’ll always do right
you love more than argue or fight
stand up for the weak
and be brave when you need
to be

be careful of gold and its shine
it’s fine to draw outside the lines
put family first
and give time the worth

it deserves

live life to the fullest each day
and give every moment its praise
when you need me remember
our eyes are the same
i’m with you,
and know my love remains

life will bring troubles i know
but hold on to this
our struggles are only a reason
for love to exist
happiness is yours for the taking
so take and give back
and i’ll rest in peace knowing that,
my love will remain

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