my mountain lyrics – svartsyn

in the east god was closer to her than her carotid*
on the left hand path my soul is open by satan’s will and his triumph
the faith were once doubted at the mountain sinai
the dagger ready to pierce a god who feared the outcome
i walk far from god where the light were black and red
at my spiritual mountain of sinai, my pyramids of skulls
in darkness where my mountain stands as a crossroad
where at the horizont the path turns left or right, at the beginning of the reincarnation cycle
the opposite-self screamed out when it was aware of itself, my eyes were open
i belief in the utter darkness, i belief in closing the reincarnation circle and to break it and close the gate to life
kingdom of death, end of days, my mountain
at my mountain of crossroad the choise have been made
eternal kingdom of death, on the left hand path my soul is open

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