my niggaz lyrics – bizzy bone

my n*gg*z 7x

chorus: 1x

these my n*gg*z ha, all my n*gg*z what
ballin n*gg*z ha, these my n*gg*z what
all my n*gg*z ha, ballin n*gg*z what
real *ss n*gg*z ha, these my n*gg*z what

these my n*gg* ha, all my n*gg*z what
ballin n*gg*z ha, these my n*gg*z what
tru azz n*gg*z ha, real azz n*gg*z what
ballin n*gg*z ha, these my n*gg*aaz

verse 1: beelow

i roll with nothing but the rawest azz n*gg*s,
that be watching my back
some down *ss n*gg*z that ain’t scared to shoot back
step up boy and put yo boots on
time to pay the price, you scared then get the f*ck on
boy, come and get these n*gg*z on these thugged out tracks
a million records sold, a million n*gg*z got my back
see them boys in the club, them my n*gg*z
see them boys posted on the block, them my n*gg*z
so n*gg* watch them boyz with the frowned up face
find the rawest ballin n*gg*z in the strangest place
you never know which one of my n*gg*z be on yo side
you never know which one of my n*gg*z ready to ride
you think you got ’em sewed up, them my n*gg*z
you think you got ’em barred out, them my n*gg*z
you think you got me roped off, them my n*gg*z
my n*gg*z, my n*gg*z, my n*gg*aaz

chorus 1x

verse 2:?

n*gg* i gives a f*ck how you play it
f*ck where you from, f*ck what you do,
f*ck what you did, f*ck you is, and motherf*ck how you feel
n*gg* you ain’t saying sh*t, what you tryin’ to do
scare me motherf*cker you
i done told you once before don’t make me ice yo b*tch *ss
keep talking that ho sh*t, and lose yo face wit the quick fast
you come at me wrong you going the wrong f*cking way
b*tch i was born and raise in the land of trigga play
now get yo mind right n*gg*
we bout dome checking, cracking domes
ain’t no f*cking round over here
see that a.k. ain’t taking nann short
you can’t run, you can’t hide, once you up in it you gettin’ broke off
see that big b*tch ain’t playin’, that big b*tch ain’t cool,
that big b*tch off in the hands of a motherf*cking fool
we comin’ through, sh*t these my n*gg*z, all my n*gg*z,
all my ballin’ azz n*gg*z

verse 3:?

ryde or dye, these n*gg*z ain’t doing sh*t but point people out
they come to me to get high
f*cking let me breathe b*tch, back yo *ss up
motherf*cker you better realize, you f*cking with a nutt
they wanna smoke my weed, drink my liquor,
f*ck my hoes and all
floss out every night, but these n*gg*z ain’t ready to ball
i’m gone tell you to yo face if you ackin’ like a b*tch
and that’s one of the f*cking reasons you ain’t never had sh*t
me, i hustla for my b’s and ain’t no taking wit mine
you turn the lights off in the city b*tch i’m still gone shine
i sit back and recline, in my bed and wine
live my life to the fullest
my n*gg*?
b*tch i’m ballin’ big tyme
hear my motherf*ckin’ word, i’m hollin’ “f*ck dem other n*gg*z”
i kick they azz to the curb
so i can gets herb, then gets heard
relax my f*cking back?
get my d*ck suck while smoking on some killer herb
and you heard how i rush ya, not wit that dumb sh*t
n*gg* bring ya whole click, i’m hollin “f*ck who u come wit”
n*gg* i’m the king pin, the big cahouna
n*gg* i done been there and did that
i’m born to be a baller

chorus 1x

verse 4:?

my n*gg*z all about the paper
make moves and pull capels
we don’t see sh*t unless a motherf*cker pay us
look, its all real, pumping sh*t that you can all feel
the rawest deal, hard hitters, f*ck with ya’ll feel
we all peel, we all hit caps with big gats
and smoke big sacks, stack the paper and sit back
we did that
leave a motherf*cker with his sh*t cracked
then dare the n*gg* to come back
when you here that click clack, better show me where yo sh*t at
n*gg*, i’m doing bad i got to get that, n*gg*
you ain’t ready for the kick back n*gg*
i bust ya’ll up with it
in the brc, down for the f*ckin’ south wit it
now they got some n*gg*z thats sweeter than a fragrance
in and out our business like a f*cking free agent
this my last time saying it
forever ballin off the top like in a knot
you better watch who u playing wit

verse 5:?

lauch the k’s, throw the gernades
if you under 35 get the f*ck out my way
n*gg* i chose the battle ground
me and my n*gg*z lay it down
wherever you caught slippin’ thats where u be found
you see me and my n*gg*z we bust ho’s
you see me and my n*gg*z ride on chrome
you see me and my n*gg*z flex on phone
you see me and my n*gg*z like al capone
you see me and my n*gg*z we to strong
you f*ck with me and my n*gg*z, you won’t live long
you see me and my n*gg*z a run in ya home
you better watch ya back boy its own, its own

chorus repeats until fade

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