my skar lyrics – slapshock

you’re the star
that always
shines on me
outside my door
you’re the one
that i can see
i love the way
oh yes, the way
you comfort me
so take me
to a place where
i need to see

gave you my love
and i don’t know
if i can be saved
feelin’ so down
it’s so hard
don’t want you
fadin’ away

my skar
i feel you in my bones
you’re killing me inside
you’re always on my mind
yeah i’ll be here tonight
i want to be like you
the way you made it through
i’m screaming this for you
i feel you down inside

no one
can take this away from me
i see your face
and i’ll be here to stay
i look up
and i think about those days
well those days are gone
they’re gone too far away

repeat bridge
repeat chorus
repeat bridge
repeat chorus

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