my summer vacation lyrics – ice cube

[airline attendant]
this is the final boarding call for flight 1259
departing from los angeles, final destination to st. louis
thank you

[ice cube]
d*mn g, the spot’s gettin hot
so how the f*ck am i supposed to make a knot?
police looking at n*gg*z through a microscope
in l.a. everybody and they momma sell dope
they trying to stop it
so what the f*ck can i do to make a profit?
catch a flight to st. louis
that’s cool, cause n*body knew us
we stepped off the plane
four gang bangers, professional crack slangers
rented a car at wholesale
drove to the ghetto, and checked in a motel
unpacked and i grabbed the 3.80
cos where we staying, n*gg*z look shady
but they can’t fade south central
cos busting a cap is fundamental
peeping out every block close
seeing which one will clock the most
yeah, this is the one, no doubt
bust a u bone, and let’s clear these n*gg*z out

“hey! hey man! wh*ssup n*gg*?
this is lynch mob n*gg*” (tires squeal)

now clearing them out meant casualties
still had the l.a. mentality
bust a cap, and outta there in a hurry
wouldn’t you know, a drive-by in missouri
them fools got popped
took their corner next day, set up shop
and it’s better than slanging in the valley
triple the profit making more than i did in cali
breaking up rocks like barney rubble
cos them mark-*ss n*gg*z don’t want trouble
and we ain’t on edge when we do work
police don’t recognize the khakis and the sweatshirts
getting b*tches and they can’t stand a
1991 tony montana
now the sh*t’s like a war – gang violence
where it was never seen before
punks run when the gats bust
4 jheri curled n*gg*z kicking up dust
and some of them are even looking up to us
wearing our colors and talking that gang f*ck,
giving up much much love
dying for a street that they ain’t never heard of
but other motherf*ckers want to stand strong
so you know the phrase, “once again it’s on…”

[tv newscaster]
at the top of the news tonight:
a gang from south central los angeles, which are known for their drive-by shootings,
have migrated into east st. louis leaving 3 dead and 2 others injured. no arrests have
been made. police say this is a nation-wide trend, with similar incidents occurring in
texas, michigan, and oklahoma.

(female voice repeating in background:
“if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere”)

boom, my homie got shot he’s a gonner black
st. louis n*gg*z want they corner back
shooting in snowy weather
it’s illegal business, n*gg*z still can’t stick together
f*ckin police got the 411
that l.a. ain’t all, surf and sun
but we ain’t thinking bout them boys
feudin, like the hatfields and mccoys
now the sh*t’s gettin tricky
cuz now they looking for tha colorz and the d*ckie’s
d*mn, the spot’s getting hot from the battle
i’m a\bout to pack up and start slinging in seattle
but the narcs, raid about six in the morning
try to catch a n*gg* while he’s yawnin
put his glock to my chest as i paused
went to jail in my motherf*ckin drawers
tryin to give me, fifty-seven years
face’ll be full of those tattooed tears
it’s the same old story and the same old n*gg* stuck
and the public defender ain’t givin a f*ck
the fool must be sparkin
talkin about a double life plea bargain
you got to deal with the crips and bloods by hand g
plus the black guerilla family
and the white pride don’t like northside
and it’s a riot if any more n*gg*z die
no parole or probation
now this is a young man’s summer vacation
no chance for rehabilitation
cuz look at the m*th*f*cking years that i’m facing
i’ma end it like this cuz you know what’s up
my life is f*cked

“police eat a d*ck, straight up”

[pig 1]
“look here you little godd*mn n*gg*r,
you’re not gatling n*body, you f*ckin’ understand me?!
that’s right, now get down on the godd*mn
ground! now! f*ckin’ move! nooww!”

[pig 2]
“let me take a shot at him!”

[pig 1]
“we gonna do you like king (what godd*mn king?)
rodney king, martin luther king, and all the
godd*mn kings of africa!”

[ice cube]
“look out motherf*cka!” (3 gunshots)

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