my travels through the midnight sky lyrics – deinonychus

breathing my last breath, as i lay stabbed on
the floor
the last ceremony of the priest will help me
no more
as they wrapped me in black, and put me into a
i knew for sure… i would return!

you f*ckers, you’re going to pay for what
you’ve done to me
now i dwell thoughout the night… a reason for
the window stood open, as i slipped into your
that morning after, your soul dissapeared… you
were so cold

for candles burned all around, there was a
dinner for two
someone else sat in my place, with my loved
one in front
as i looked into their deeply horrified and
stone-cold eyes
i knew for sure… they would die!

yes oh yes, i touched their scared flesh,
their remorse couldn’t
help them no more… their souls left with me
into the night
as the last tears were cried… as i became one
with the earth
i finally could rest… ’til i returned on my
path through the night
my travels throught the midnight sky…

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