mystical plane of evil lyrics – kataklysm

chapter 2 – enigma of the unknown)

floating in torment, suspended animation, captured in frontiers, =

between time and sp*ce.
dimensions, stepping through barriers, toward the void, the dark =

forces increase.
near my goal, from my calling, still resisting, still hoping.
perceiving in a shower of black fog, a big bright vortex straight =

ahead my course.
where damians block my path, using my last drop of energy, i smash =

into the exit.
destroying them and gaining entrance.
revolution of time, p*ssing the vortex, restores my soul, feeding, =

my power grows.
of hate and desire, to destroy and receive, pain and pleasure =

the lost domain of ganzir, an ethereal plane, the world beyond of =

afterlife of damians, war bound of demons.
mystical plane of evil
mystical plane of evil
the captor of inverse energy, the destructor of captive tortured =

protected by emissaries of alien creatures, unknown to human race.
the wishes of every souls here came through, the gift of =

annihilation, confrontation, elimination.
and reborn of new unlife demonic forces, instead of their freedom.
damians… damians…
in the great battlefield of death, some of leviathan minions use =

portals to travel back to earth.
to get more food… more souls.
here, they are draining life with malevolent crystals which feed =

and replaces the spirit=b9s energy with dark fumes, what did i wish =

i fly through the exit of this h*ll, emerging from the astral =

reentering my body that was in my room, lying in a pool of blood.
i raise like a zombie from my bed, i am now an undead, a terrorizing =

terror of the living.
no, i want to live, revive.
i want to undo what i=b9ve done!
dead, dismal, rebel, warrior, sinister, hunger for life.
unblessly taken to rotten crypts

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