nabila lyrics – jonathan dale

written by: jonathan dale

verse 1
nabila my dear i know this is clear straight out of the blue
but if it’s alright and if it’s okay, i’ve got a bone to pick with you
i may not know you, and you may not know me too

nabila – you aint no cinderella to him.
i’m so sorry to start this party again
i’m not your friend, and neither is he
a gl*ss slipper for a queen
wait until the whole world’s seen; nabila

verse 2
nabila cries and nabila lies and she hangs her head in shame
we know you hunny you married for money, but he’s the one to blame
you took a soldiers name, and laid down to give me fame; nabila

chorus 1x

you’re secret aint foolin no one
and ***** they safe with me,
i let the whole know that
you and joey’s love’s a felony

chorus 1

(jonathan dale from cmts can you duet 1st runner up duo; jb rocket- jonathan dale’s debut solo alb*m; love luck and leaving is now available on itunes)

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