naked body sweat lyrics – daniel oliver

we are in the back or the car
you are on top of me
your naked body sweat drips on me

do i care?
no i don’t
feeling h*rny right now
kissing your *ss right now
licking your f*nny right now
your licking my d*ck right now
i’m thinking about your naked body sweat right now

you touch it
it feels so good
i go to b*m you now
then the car door opens
your dad says “what the f*ck?”
i try to grab my clothes and run
but your dad punches me before i go far
my accrection goes down
your dad’s anger goes up
my braces have got lipstick over them
my b*lls have you kiss marks all over them
i look at you
you look at me
naked body sweat dripping all over me
your b**bs got a love bite
he grabs you by the arm
and screams “why and what the f*ck have you done?
i thought i trusted you
but now having s*x with this guy ain’t gonna tell me what to do”
you start to cry
sitting on the edge legs hanging out
i punch your dad in the head
knocked out and i push you in the car
i tell you “get f*cking h*rny again”

then we make more
then we make more
we make more naked body sweat
naked body sweat

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