name dropping lyrics – lagwagon

crysti can’t take all the pressure
kevin hates the girls
he dates
mia says she’s gonna snap
i need a new car to drive away
derek beats up all his girlfriends
jessie likes to comb his hair
hanacek is on the wagon
i tried not to speak today

you slip and fall
they pick you up and throw you down again
i left them there and found them here
i was rarely smart enough to dodge the careless words
you find them everywhere
it breaks you into two

emily had s*x with joey
chris is weird
he must be gay
everyone is smoking h
and i tried hard to laugh today
every word you hear you repeat
every word you repeat you change
here’s a quarter
there’s a phone
why don’t you call someone who cares

repeat chorus

i left them there and found them here
it breakes me into two

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