name of the game lyrics – talib kweli

the name of the game is

persistence, dedication
consistent, motivation, resistance to stagnation to information
distribute it free to the entire population
no hesitation, makin’ it public, no privatization from corporations

today, in order to be sane
you gotta go crazy so remain on top of the game
and master your universe like you was he-man
see me and hi tek knock you out de frame while i’m stimulatin’ de brain
in de ‘train of thought’, that’s the name of the reflection eternal lp man

ain’t nuttin’ new except organic produce, that means that’s free range
you might see me on mtv, bet or still up on the d-train
it’s just everybody else be seemin’ strange in they approach
i see these guys and read they eyes, need to disguise and so i cloak

into a cloud of smoke
i brown a roach to keep myself from soundin’ loc’
destroy they hopes of hatin’, don’t move aboard
before they rock the boat

yo, it’s not the dope
these snakes will come in peace to slit your throat
give you compliments, with a promise yet
to get me heated and provoke me

to be rockin’ sh*t, shove apocalypse down your esophagus
so, swallow that
guess what you could be coppin’ that n’kiru books
for fifteen dollars, flat

cats who spit knowledge on tracks
and get b*mped out the back of impalas
and cadillacs all my live cincinatti bearcats, holla back

tomorrow they gonna wanna borrow raps like
“c’mon black, i’ll pay you back”
i ain’t no lyrical atm even though i’m nice and i’m a mack

better believe that, leave that crack alone
and you see that there microphone
ain’t no place to work your self-esteem issues
do that sh*t when you alone

n*gg*, you is grown, why is you still suckin’ on that pacifier?
quickly call that *ss a liar, exposin’ you’s my last desire
olympic skills so p*ss the fire, i roll with n*gg*z that match attire
black aware, that’s filled with gas but rollin’ on flat *ss tires

yo, with that, yo, yo, you know what? yo, yo
yo, i got a special guest, lil’ baby tone, tone, tell ’em what’s up
what’s up? [incomprehensible]

yo, we ’bout to be out, tell ’em peace out, tone
peace out, yeah, what, what, baby tone, what?

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