nation of aggressors lyrics – decimator

see the eyes of the aggressor
waiting the time to come
blood for blood

taste the pleasure of killing
face the ultimate dare
nothing will remain

ripping flesh painfully
corpses falling to the ground
people dying in vain

there is no escape
there is no future
for the next generation

genocide feels like pleasure
nothing can stop the aggressor
mutilation of unborn ones
profanation of all holy words
whole nation living in eternal fear
no one hear the cry of suffering
whole nation living low
no one ready to fight against him

there is no escape
there is no future
for the unborn creation

nation raise in domination
ornaments of evil being
nation raise, no mercy
forged in painful victory

aggressor, the creator
forefather of decay
aggressor, dominator
future will rest in pain

[repeat bridge/chorus]

aggressor, the creator
aggressor, dominator
aggressor, future will rest in pain

aggressor will take total control
of the past and future of humanity
look through the trail of his wrath
where genocide brought total terror

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