nazarene (into the flame) lyrics – katharsis

grind the gods with the warhammers of death.
satan is lord!
he ist the master of all!
i smite thee down before my feet,
accursed religion weak.

powerful legions…
united to smash the spirit of the lamb
and widen the portals of h*ll
foll the cherubim that glisten like gold
burn down their churches and the “apostolic see”.

burn the tabernacles of sanctified lies
empty the benches, the pulpits and shrines
none shall escape and none shall survive.
crush all the idols and poison the wine.

satan is lord. he is the lord of this world
worship the master of h*ll.
jesus christ! your f*cking crown is fallen;
thou art doomed and i have won.
king of jews! there is no resurrection.
nazarene – into the flame…


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