necromancer resurrection lyrics – kerion

black night has fallen on the silent wood
moonlight is shyly kissin’ the dark forest
forgotten footpath how cruel is your end
forsaken place what a sad tragic past

in the ancient crypt your servants begin
the evil ritual, the terrific spell
malefic runes
read high and strong
spread on the walls
call the master of the dead

hidden behind old high pillars cleric
jeniss her mistress get ready to face
h*llish priests
infernal imps
drawn on the tomb
of the dark necromancer

time is comin’ he’s goin’ to rebirth
brave darin’ mistress stands against him
blindin’ thunder
her body laid
wings on her back
the darklord’ soul lives in her

erwin appeared in the crypt
fought priests
with jeniss and
her friend they
ran away

into the light of the dawn
my wisdom falls
the flame in my heart
is now burnin’ in my eyes

against the master of dead
my anger is high
you will pay for
all the crimes you have committed

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