necromaniac lyrics – exhumed

[musick & lyrixxx – matt harvey, 1998]

awakened by an unquenchable addiction, to walk hand in hand with death,
exhumed to transcend the walls of the coffin, and search for newly rotted
flesh… casket crushing and dismantling the grave, with other fiends in this
s*d*stic enclave, on draughts of blood my thirst is slaked, underfoot the
mouldy bones break… nocturnal devestation my only aim, dead or living, i
seek out and maim, six feet is the depth of my obsession, adding
masterpieces to my morbid collection… corpses lay ripped limb from limb in
disarray, a cadaveric splatter platter carved, hacked and flayed, imbibing
blood and alcohol til vomit flows red, then back to the grave for indignities
to the dead… necromaniac… the naked and the dead gore wh*r* slashed,
opened her torso after plundering her gash, a bone f*cking, pus grinding
necromaniac, *ssaulting the dead with this f*cking gore attack… in the
name of gore i violate the deceased, rest *ssured that you will never rest in
peace, the dust in the mausoleum will never settle, from the relentless
pounding of gore f*cking metal… necromaniac…

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