necroneat-o lyrics – putrid pile

feelings for your kind nonexistant
wreched vomit gutter sc*m
i won’t stop i just couldn’t stop my murderous rampage
hatred spews from deep within

i need to feel your guts on me
my loins tingle with the need

my precision with a scalpel reigns supreme
torso skin lying open like a book
bowels silky smooth on my member
suppressing the urge to explode impossible
urethra pumping our s*m*n body releasing demons
a joy to have you here with me
your whorish acts disrupted
cunt murders keep me grounded

of no use when youre breathing
movement distracts
mjoney well spent for achieving
taboo illicit acts

necroerocitism prevalent
darkest desires realized
inards a magnet for *rg*sms
multicle erectile spasms

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