nervous heart lyrics – borrowers

on the corner of despair and resurrection
it’s another perfect day
she stops a blind man and she asks him for directions
the she walks the other way
i know when i see her face
here’s such a lonely place for her
she can’t help but end up lost before she starts
she’s got a nervous heart
on the way down from desire to isolation
i p*ss her on the street
she seems to know me but i sense her hesitation
and mistake it for conceit
oh we can build these walls
why can’t we make them fall
maybe we just don’t know where to start
she’s got a nervous heart
ooh, she could do what she wants with mine
ooh, she’s as sweet as turpentine
watching you walk away
i felt like i feel today
and once again i know that ordinary sadness
that keeps us all apart
she’s got a nervous heart
it’s just a nervous heart

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