never again lyrics – gomorrah

-suscessor to the throne from austria was killed
by a (n*z*)organisation called “black hand”
austria explained to serbs the war
1914 beginns the first world war.

-after the war hate everywhere
hate between/among two nations
tomorrow still brutality and m*ssacre
war until the future

refr. stench from decayed corpses
in the air is unbearable
a 20 head family
was killed by a psychopath

a head from a woman is splitting by an axe
a hedless corpse lyes on the way
m*ss gravs are lying everywhere
childs over it and thy are weeping

-weapons and ammunition will be sized
heavy tanks (are) pushing everywhere
burning buildings along the streets
burn out property from serbs


burning childs in any house—idioty
pain and aginy because of the war—idioty
shredded humans along the streets—idioty
f*cking war is f*cking pain—of the soul

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