never change lyrics – south park mexican

dope house records.
forever run this sh*t.

you want a freestyle over this beat then do that partner.
i’m a shout to all my killers, dealer’s & sippers.
what up hillwood?
tio, adrian, pain, al d, carlos clark, huet, dum-dum the phenomenon, donnie burns, cricket pluck, ronnie clark.
low sampay, man, spider, what up hum? staying sucker free huh?
botany boyz, street millitery, what up black? big daz, this my family forever. i got yo’ back.
c dil, sunny side gettin’ money player. prinist, rest in peace.
what up lil’ scottie? jimmy green, hoofy pumpkin, what the deal d rid?
lil’ courtney, del wood bell, ace deuce, mad haver, lil’ anthony, true hustlaz, keep your head up bobby.
tim gaye, dumpin’ on these hoes we woodson ‘n’ worthin’ partner
cloverland, south acres, the village.
all my boys ballin’ out that north side.
done deal records, candy man, jelroud, greenspoint, all my real mexicano’s
no gangs, no clicks, no sense, no colors.
just brown skin & green paper.
all my down *ss asins.
all my indians.
all my down *ss white folks.
my neighborhood is jet black.
but they had love for the only wet back.
diva laraza, homeboy. juan gotti, my boy coast, rasheed, low g.
baby beesh, what up playboy?
all my beautiful girls, get that money, baby, ain’t nothin’ wrong with gettin’ your d*mn song.
but if your snortin’ & poppin’ you ain’t doin’ right.
keep it real mami.
fat money records. block a thief, work it out, man.
all my brothers in shut ’em down records. universial records, this one’s for you.
the twins, shadow & grimm, south east baby.
true soldado’s, my partner uchie. powda. what’s up mama?
screwston tx, my city.
what up trevino? big bert, dj lobo. mark romo.
man, my homeboy jovanni, jimmy & jc.
pete man requis. marilyn, ayana, asia, tomohawk, sam, face, chris hernandez.
pete & red bird, happy p. nice track homito.
russell lee, keep bangin’. fat joe & mach.
big pawn, what love.
dj laz, e-dub, kool-aid.
& for you radio stations that hate, f*ck you prejudice b*tches, the more you hate on something the stronger it get’s.
so thank you for makin’ us so strong. ’cause it just don’t quit.
dj screw, i miss you.
i got 30 seconds to finish this alb*m.
if i forgot just because i’m high forget a fool.
forgive me. what about wreck shop records?
4 corner hustlaz, kumbia kings, mikey.
chavez, my boy james huva, los marijuano’s.
my mom, my wife, my children, my familia.
& never will i forget to thank god.
& oh yeah my brother toodie & his family.
my dad, my director jonathan, watch out for my new movie called hustle town.
the day has come, we just gettin’ started, baby.
i wanna say hi to my little girl carly amor. i love you mami.
to all the kids.
what up lil’ danny, anthony? all my nephew’s & niece’s.
you can be anything you want to be, remember that.
to christina & tre. just don’t never let money change you.
it don’t never change.

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