never lyrics – cynstar

i thought you’d forgotten
what it was we had
i thought it was all over now
and it tore at me so bad
i thought your life had moved on
the way some people’s do
then you said you missed me…
well, i miss you too…
never have i felt this
never have i felt this love…
never have i needed
never have i needed anyone…
never have i cried
never have i cried like this for you
and you say you miss me…
i miss you, too….
i thought that it was over
what was between you and i
i thought that you hadn’t felt
what i’ve felt inside
i thought my words fell empty
apon your ears
but with one letter baby
you eased all my deepest fears…
though you are so far away…
i feel you’re near me each and every day…
i thought my soul was lying
when it said we were meant to be
then you came back, boy…
you came back to me…

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