never too late lyrics – damhnait doyle

you’re in the shower
when the water runs cold
you’re staring at the mirror
when your face suddenly grows old

now you’re falling down
the stairs again
nothing to stand on
cause your legs caved in

no, it’s never to late to forgive
you’re not to blame, you were just a child
lay down your armor and learn to live
no, it’s never to late to forgive
(water, water, water everywhere
and n’er a drop to drink, you’ve gotta
let your hair down, so you can think)

walk out your front door
and you don’t know what street you’re on
you go to work and find out you’ve got
nothing on

the flowers you bought yourself
are dying on the mantel
each frame around them
holds a memory you can’t handle


falling leaves gracefully land on the grave
of a man whos hand was scarred
by the teeth marks of a…
of a child

chorus out

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