niggaz strugglin lyrics – compton’s most wanted

geah. wutup? the compton phsyco is back
here goes something for the n*gg*s

listen up m*th*rf*ckers cause its hard times
mc eiht comin back with the hard rhymes. geah
so bring your pen and pad and start learnin
and sit your *ss down for the eiht root sermon
you know the hard life comes livin with livin in the ghetto
n*gg* h*llo, don’t be shakey like jello
and you better know where your from
or you might catch the blast to your sorry *ss. geah
and the gang bangin done got me in the slum
so i gotta be with it, f*ck the dumb
down for the hood, holdin my own
livin it up cause one day i’ll be gone. geah
now the sh*t done hit the fan
14 year old n*gg* headed for the can
blame it on the world, because everybodies buggin
can i get help because a n*gg*s strugglin

17 years old kinda crazy
heard my little freak is pregnant with a baby
so now i gotta pay, and no time to play
cause the m*th*rf*ckin stork is on his way
hey, n*gg* give up your sh*t
and don’t be a hero, cause fool i aint havin it
one more point that got scored
cause lettin you slide i just cant afford. geah
just like cats and dogs when it rains
another jacked is the snaps that i gain
so i rush you, quick on the blind side
better take cover when eiht starts to hoo-ride
no where to run so you stand and fight
as i macks your *ss once good night
a n*gg* like me ‘ll keep muggin
can i get help cause a n*gg* strugglin

i guess its back to the same old sh*t
grab the gat then i make another hit
beggin just aint friendly
can’t get a job at motherf*ckin wendy’s
gotta go out and test my skills
a brother gotta kill to bring home the bills
it aint the way i was born, the way i grew up
to gets whats yours and dont even give a f*ck
so n*gg* gimme whats mines and get on
punk you know the routine its the same *ss song
so don’t slip fool or get caught
riggedy-raised in compton was the way the eiht was taught
gettin my propers, beatin the coppers
this brother gotta have the ends i wont stop the
puttin in m*th*rf*ckin work
i gotta have the ends cause i’m down for the dirt
cause a n*gg*s strugglin

geah, thats how it go down, y’knowutumsayin?
n*gg*s strugglin, cant get none. cant get over. d*mn

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