nightmares from beyond lyrics – shub niggurath

a skull full of worms had hardly destroyed my flesh
but my cosmic origin had avoided me
to loosen the sorrow of my wound and the tolerance of
my degrading life, only the astral being will remain!
demons in obscene satisfaction wrap their wrath
angels, in grotesque presumption absorb their odium

demoniac voices with satanic apparitions
have dejected my groundless human track
horribly dismembered for the true sinner

deserving death!

awful speech creates a sacred rite
crawl laments advise the leave
vexations fears emerge through the time
oh! i can hear the distant call,
no more emotion for this matchless change
painful destiny from the birth until death
no more future, only the past
to form the pre sent

wicked visions from beyond
evolve my cause for the truth

h*llish visions with weird creatures
a depraved earth, deformed shrines
lifeless creation, immortal cause
to living dead!
nightmares from beyond!!!

m*ssacre the fate shows the end
the flesh to give initiation
a new dawn, a new liberty
i’m the d*mned, i’m the lord!
nightmare to rejoice the dark
dream to slay the light
mind & soul gonna depart
but the spirit is my salvation.

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