nighttime endurance lyrics – hades almighty

.ohh mistress of emotions
night in twilight rays of grey
in your embrace alone i find endurance
the fragile hours set between the sundown and the dawn
the beauty of the dawn
so sinister yet calm
stagnant i stand as i give in to you
fading light in a crimson glow
soon the moon it’s rays will throw
through the torn up blackened sky
it’s a sinery
so vast before me lie
birth of night before my eyes
i shiver as the sunlight dies
a tarn, black mirror shine
reflects the innerself of mine
listen to the night sounds
howling hunters wind through trees
the beauty of this song
is almost painful
a requiem… a moonchant
like a mournful
an anthem to the night
soon to reach it’s height
as i join to cry out
all my sorrows
embraced by night alone
i find endurance
the silence of the witchinghour
like nectar to my soul
alas, this beauty can not last forever
or praytell
it will do when
i die

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