no.1 hit record lyrics – edan

silver surfer on the cerebellum
mc’s rhyme at the zoo and when they’re wack parrots tell em
i cut records in morse code
i’m mentally retarted but i choose my own wardrobe
raw rap suburbanite
i’m f*ckin with religion like i didn’t wear the turban right
i jerk off in my cereal
you couldn’t even f*ck with the grand imperial
i drop suckers like plinco
you mc’s are wack, even if you don’t think so
i step to it then bust a verse
i can’t battle you cause i gots to get dusted first
i ain’t talkin ’bout drugs neither
i’m f*ckin gangsta b*tches cause i caugth thug fever
punching girls and grabbin guns
i’m just doin my thing yo, i’m just havin fun
this ain’t the treacherous 3, herb
i saturate your face with the mega-dumb reverb
i stay in bed, f*ck school
my folks are payin 20 g’s but yo, this sh*t is cool
i talk sh*t and i rock well
i gots to do the laundry cause my m*th*f*ckin socks smell
yo, that sh*t ain’t no joke, dude
i take off my shoes and m*th*f*ckas start to choke food
the fliest on a 12-inch
so is your girl, and she doesn’t make records
there’s a midget in my neighborhood
and a one armed man and they’re both my fans
they’re both vietnam vets
they like to call up asian restaurants and make bomb threats
i farted in the fishbowl
and then i played pinball with zevlove x
and percee p
and stezo
yo, this is a hit record, man
it’s gon’ be number one
it’s number one

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