no future people suck! lyrics – cueball

now you can’t understand the whining
of exaggerating people trying
to explain the world needs a social global change.

your best friends are quite big screens
creating a new reality
(overdose of) hypnotic inputs, no need to rearrange…

comfort for humanity,
joy, controlled insanity.
god is dead,
so there’s nothing left to fear.
we don’t have to think,
neither to care, no decisions to be made.
get everything if you can afford it right here!

down – fall
of man – kind!

reactionary jerks they think
it’s human behaviour that brings
the natural balance to break down…

hey, all we do is optimise-
perfect gene-codes, perfect lies,
that we believe without even a frown…


just in case it all will be f*cked-up
-no problem, until then we’ve got
technologies to settle down in outta sp*ce!

maybe 6 billions will be left behind
“wouldn’t be my fault” i’ve got on my mind
‘a will- a way’ they just need ambition to leave that place!

so what will tomorrow to be like
for the human race?
it seems as future looks so bright,
but i guess we have to face,
it’s one step forward, a thousand down!
straight way into h*ll,
almost to late to change a sh*t,
but keep ignoring what i tell- you!

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