no love lost lyrics – joy division

so long sitting here
didn’t hear the warning
waiting for the tape to run
we’ve been moving around in different situations
knowing that the time would come
just to see you torn apart
witness to your empty heart
i need it
i need it
i need it

through the wire screen, the eyes of those standing outside looked in
at her as into the cage of some rare creature in a zoo
in the hand of one of the *ssistants she saw the same instrument
which they had that morning inserted deep into her body.
she shuddered instinctively.
no life at all in the house of dolls
no love lost.
no love lost

you’ve been seeing things
in darkness, not in learning
hoping that the truth will p*ss
no life underground, wasting never changing
wishing that this day won’t last
to never see you show your age
to watch until the beauty fades
i need it
i need it
i need it

two-way mirror in the hall
they like to watch everything you do
transmitters hidden in the walls
so they know everything you say is true
turn it on
don’t turn it on
turn it on

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