no posers allowed lyrics – thrash or die

enter the circle start to rage if you are legit
get your *ss up on the stage dive into the pit
start to mosh everyone dive above the crowd
no shoes no shirt no problem… and no posers allowed

if you want to the enter the cricle of thrash
you better bleed the metal or you face will be smashed
if you think being here makes you look cool
get out your pens and papers you’re about to be

everything about you is so fake and so wrong
you wear a bands t-shirt and you don’t know their songs
so apparent you’re transparent you’re a slave to the
banished from the circle and so are your friends

cl*ss is in session the posers are back
lesson two feel the wound as your ribs crack
lesson three break your knees and fall to the floor
sense your fear the end is near with lesson four

feels so great to amputate and pluck out your eyes
you’re gonna hate my favorite is lesson five
feel the slice of the knife across your wrist
cut off your head now your dead cl*ss is dismissed

metal destroyer thrash or die win at any cost
pile the bodies to sky in the poser holocaust
no coffins cremation burn them to the ground
the law in all that’s metal… there’ll be no posers

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