no secrets lyrics – james reyne

i’ve seen all these faces
between the mountains & the beach
looking out for happiness
well it’s out of reach
there’s a cars & women
running rich & fast
driving down the freeway
this fun it won’t last

bridge ~
cigarette boys
like evelyn waugh
no smoke no fire
no good no more

chorus ~
no secrets
on the streets of shame
no worries
it’s the same old game
give me a little love
give me your name
no secrets
on the streets of shame

thinking you’re a wild man
with your uncombed hair
you float on magic cushions
like you don’t care
said the monkey to the walrus
have you dug the spill
a real diamond earring
that you bought on sugar hill



gonna climb a little mountain
gonna scoot the ridge
clamber up kosciusko
gonna cross that bridge


chorus ~ x 2


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