nobody but you lyrics – jamie walters

words and music: lou reed & john cale

i really care a lot although i look like i do not
since i was shot there’s n*body but you
i know i look blase, party andy’s what the papers say
at dinner i’m the one who pays – for a n*body like you
n*body but you, a n*body like you
since i got shot there’s n*body but you

won’t you decorate my house
i’ll sit there quiet as a mouse
you know me i like to look a lot – at n*body like you
i’ll hold your hand and slap my face
i’ll tickle you to your disgrace
won’t you put me in my proper place – a n*body like you

sundays i pray a lot, i’d like to wind you up
and paint your clock
i want to be what i am not – for a n*body like you

the bullet split my spleen and lung, the doctors said i was gone
inside i’ve got some shattered bone for n*body but you

i’m still not sure i didn’t die
and if i’m dreaming i still have bad pains inside
i know i’ll never be a bride – to n*body like you

i wish i had a stronger chin, my skin was good, my nose was thin
this is no movie i’d ask to be in – with a n*body like you
n*body like you, a n*body like you, all my life –
it’s been n*bodies like you

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