nobody lives forever lyrics – eve hallows

everyone is condemned to death time of execution unknown
yet seek that which is within for the everyday fight in the horrorshow
sword on your hip, cry on your lip charge upon beasts of your script
misaligned verse i’m first to admit but life’s stage knows no delay

death the ultimate reality death the ultimate reason to live
no time no cordiality you’ve got to live because…
n*body lives, lives forever i try not to slip on my sweat
n*body lives, lives forever n*body lasts that long
i know when i reach my life’s sum the addition will probably be wrong
that’s okay i’ve made my mark p*ssed in public at least in the dark
when p*ssing in public one remembers traditions are p*ssed on down the line
as a chamber pot is p*ssed to your neighbor it’s level grows higher everytime

do you remember the times that you thrashed do you remember it was suicide
like healing leeches we drew blood to exorcise your inhibitions
you’ll reach the figure down the line who gives you the final wink
now the pages seem to rhyme as you forgive and wash in his sink
i don’t know if that is it or if we choose our sides
but heads have drowned in oceans of fear when there were only peaceful tides

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