nocturnal empire lyrics – demonic christ

always dreaming never sleeping no reverence for god
i walk the earth a mortal man this land sempiternal
if you could see through my eyes torment suffering
unimaginable to your mind
sinful thoughts of l*st and sodomy
embrace my mind as i awaken
to a new world, the old one left behind
i realize i’m the chosen one
i am the one you will fear the most
i am the one who now owns your soul
lost in a nightmare
i will appear and seek my vengeance
you will never rest again
enter unto my dream realm
feel my evil wrath as i take your life
watch as you bleed writhe in pain for me
weak – you followed me couldn’t live for yourself
suffer – on the cross watching you die for me
ruler of a world i created in my mind
images of a distant past i dreamt for many years
feeling the power strength within my mind
i begin my slaughter on the frail ones
you cannot hide i laugh as you weep
you chose to oppose me now i seek my vengeance
on your soul receiving the pain
i feel no more i’m master
now you are mine forever and ever
i am your master – you are my slave
i never wanted to be a god
in a world full of sheep and puppets
that would answer my command
i only want to be free to please myself
you will never see what i’ve seen
you’re much too weak

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