nogaina lyrics – big drill car

don’t get caught when the door slams
a good morning to you
i must have missed you come in last night
reeking everything but glue
what’s it to you there babe
my little f*ck machine
rottin johnny down the block told me how you stay so lean
nogaina, b*tch, queen, scenester (x2)
it’s a different world babe
but the same old scene
all the b*tches blur up ordering
all trying to look so mean
i’m sure i didn’t ask you
so keep it to yourself
a firecracker dressed in high heels
knowing how to hide the wealth
into your world babe
i carve my niche
and everything that you control
and everything done in a pinch
in case you’re lost babe, i brought a map
you know you look r*t*rded
every turned head coming in slapped
maybe changing your guy could
could be your misguided lie
perhaps a combo of all these things
speaking to you eye to eye
don’t want to point any fingers
the cat is out of the bag
remember how you seemed so embarr*ssed?
everything’s starting to sag
nogaina, b*tch, queen, scenester (x2)

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