normal lyrics – a.tone da priest

does that make, make me, make, make me normal
does that make, make you, make, make you care (2x)
(verse 1)
i’m trying to listen, just to adapt
see me trying to make it work, begging you react
tell me, what’s it really mean guess i’m being just like you,
lacking truth, fill imperfections with a suit, that’s the proof
of the hearts sheer existence can’t you, feel it in your pulse beating
out of my control, reason, having all these goals
hold me captive for the angst of, your in-exception
am i anything i thought, i’m looking for a reference
(verse 2)
sentenced to life, an eternity open i’m burning
sun skin, to sun shine, never stay the same i’m turning
over a new leaf, being just like you
vulnerable to change, cause this is what we do
who begun that way, different to blend in with the scene
unify my eyes descriptions, pacify my dreams
make nothing what it seems, everything is what it isn’t
sense ability alone, when you see the heard diminish
can i be, just like you
even though we’re not the same, even though i’m lost in dreams
can i be, just like you
even though my heart is gone, even though my wills still strong

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