not a social kinda guy lyrics – die!

it’s hard to explain hoe i felt:
equal to no one,the boy in the back
not an easy child,not in the game
being marginalized,put aside
f*kin’ thugs treating me bad
(you) the bully=the first
(me) the loser=the last
you know wonder why i hate you so much
growing up as a geek,i’ll have my revenge!

wimp! loser! *sshole!
call me what you want!
i don’t need your appreciation!
rather stay alone!

if i hate you,it’s only your fault
your ignorance,your blindness made me what i am
finding a shelter in underground sc*m
finding comforts in my own efforts
screaming in your face that i’m different from you
and a lot of kids are screaming the same
but i still feel so alone and put aside
definetely,i’m not a “social kinda guy”!

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