not my girl lyrics – dalvin degrate

ow! fell in love girl
uh! yeah, like that
uh, uh, drop it
yeah, mm-hmm, yeah yeah
uh-huh, yeah yeah yeah
uh-huh, yeah yeah

everything was cool
then we first hooked up
and messed around
and i blew your mind
you told me i fulfilled
all your fantasies, everytime
but you forget

1 – i told you once before
that you’re not my girl
but you fell in love
what am i to do?
sorry girl, but you’re not my girl
but you fell in love
what am i to do?

you saw me with another girl
late one night
at the club, baby
you made a scene
spilled your drink on me
you messed up
and embarr*ssed yourself, yeah

don’t tell me that i’m
the only one that’s in your life
i can’t believe it, oh no baby
stop calling my boys
saying you love me
i just met you last week
and i told you before

repeat 1
repeat 1

what am i to do, yeah
like that, uh!
like, like, like that
like that
like that
(told you)
like that, uh!
like that, ow!
like that
like, like, like that

repeat 1
repeat 1

uh (girl)
yeah, that’s right
tell it to me rob (girl)
it ain’t my fault (love)
just the way we do (do)
i feel you though baby (girl)
uh, woo! (girl)
uh, heh (love)
that’s right (do)

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