not now lyrics – blahzay blahzay

blah blah blah
no doubt
yeah, the long awaited alb*m
it’s what you wanted, right?
so long
it’s what you wanted, right?
we’re here now though
it’s the blaz…
we’re right here now and we ain’t goin’ nowhere, believe that.
word up, believe that, you bought the alb*m.
can’t take it back, we can’t take it back, you bought the alb*m already.
but still you ask one question.
what question ist that, son?
you know that question.
what the blahs is?
what do the blahs mean, son?
i’ma let them know, what the blahs mean, son.
i’ma let them know?, what the blahs mean, believe that!
all up in their guts, right?
all up in their guts
they gon’ know?, what the blahs mean, son, that’s my word!
trust me on that one, that’s my word. east new york sh*t.
you know, that we can get down, son.
so just sit back, know’imsayin’, we gon’ let you know, what the blahs is
we gon’ let you feel, what the blahs is
you gon’ feel it.
like pliers on your nuts.
you gon’ feel it.
like crimp pliers on your nuts, you gon’ feel it, son, word!
they gon’ feel it, son.

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