not so bad lyrics – good riddance

well, i must say i don’t like what i see
you’re upset but as of yet it doesn’t mean that much to me
you say you need my sympathy
you say you’re in a bind
but there’s no time like the present
to find some piece of mind

and you know i want to be there
when you find out it’s not so bad
you’re gonna make it after all
and you know the pain will always go away
i’ll be there and i won’t let you fall let you fall

you know that your proposition is an imposition
but if you want to talk i’m always here to listen
you seem so full of doubt
the flame of life has flickered out
but i can see it burning that flame is still alive

don’t look for answers in the bottom of a bottle
just look inside yourself
you’ll find the courage to live one more day
one more day

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