not the one lyrics – play

could you stop for a minute?
i can’t take another second
of you sitting here trying to explain
what you did and why you did it
how big of you to admit it
your apologies are in vain
so tell me
you didn’t mean to hurt me
you don’t want to make me cry
but not a single tear will leave my eyes
believe me
things are outta hand
what don’t you understand?
you’re not the one
believe me
take your things and go
here’s what you need to know
you’re not the one
just stop feeling pity
it’s not really pretty
where is your self-respect?
you got sacred of going steady
now you said that you’re ready
but you had some time to reflect
you tell me you didn’t meant to hurt
like you didn’t believe your own lie
you’ll never get the chance to make it right
guess you don’t know what you had
until everything is gone
oh it’s sad
how it comes back around
and we’re nigh at letting go
and you keep holding on
so please prepare yourself
the pain and ohhhhh
ohhhhhhh yay
you’re not you’re not the
you’re not you’re not the
you’re not the one for me

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