nothing at all lyrics – darkbuster

one was the light in a candle
two was the colour of the rain
three was a fall in deeper
four was a cry and shame
five was a shiver in the winter
six was a losing card
seven was the hope i would never fall too hard

one was a breath under water
two was a crash and burn
three was a ghost of the lover
four was a lot to learn
five was the livin’ in a cradle
six was a mercy cry
seven was the hope you would never say goodbye

you win
i lose
you leave with nothin’ to prove
you rise, i fall
i leave with nothing
nothing at all

one was a faith in a sorrow
two was a waste of a dream
three was a life in a bottle
four was the last to believe
five was a break in the weather
six was back to the start
seven was the hope it would never go this far


i was your waste time
you were my angel wing
i was your falling star
you were my everything

chorus x 2

nothing at all, nothing at all
nothing at all, nothing at all

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