nuclear reactor lyrics – birth control

i’m feeling runout, nearly stewed
goin’ where it takes me
get on, i’m-a-shake in my shoes, have i lost my way ?
i get along with my due, as a human being
right or wrong, i leave the outs, have i lost my way ?

uranium 235
boils in the cladding box
a so called blanket as a lock
no other way to move with the times
no other way in sight
and so our life ain’t worth a dime

a different way would let us head for the deep
seems we had our days
demonstration, battles are done
i don’t see no fun in it, but have it your way

hey, nuclear reactor,
you’ll make our troubles fade away
you’ll give us final peace and destination
hey, nuclear reactor
you are the tart of industry
you are the germ of radiated oceans

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