nuclear sacrifice lyrics – decimator

beyond the horizon there is no way to go
every human form was destroyed by the war
death walks thru a desolated world
they were hurt by the wind of the bomb

mutilation of flesh and bones
suffocation with toxic air
incineration by rapid fire
praying for self death
and the time has come
the inner pain consumes itself

blame it on the human knowledge
genetic deformation will spread
the unborn children have no defense
embryonic sickness without sense

bleeding till death, rotting forever
burning alive, dying slowly
and the time has come
pain becomes last breath

you have no more time
to escape or to live
nuclear sacrifice
you’re destined to die
under a red atomic sky
nuclear sacrifice

the sun shine nevermore arise
now the future is another doubt

[repeat verse two]

under a strong nuclear atmosphere
neither young nor old survive
radiation means extermination
an unmerciful storm devastates the earth

[repeat verse four]
[repeat chorus]

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