numb – blind to faith lyrics – ringworm

demons from h*ll
set my soul afire
angels from heaven
bring wood and stoke the pyre
i see myself a newborn fashioned in my dreams, saying
“if you are that which you do, then what does that make
time to burn, time to sleep
blind to faith, my soul weeps
i’m pierced by an unholy cross
i’m pierced by the symbol of god
accept your angel of choice
disallow, disbelieve
blasphemate my soul
i feel the grip of reality tighten around my throat
try to solve the puzzle, cannot slay the beast
in its house, in its land lies my missing piece
thirsty in the desert and i’ve run out of wine
beg with bleeding lips as i await the sign
a leader with no vision is the first to cast
i’ve withstood my trials and my p*ssion hasn’t flown
i’m pierced by an unholy cross
and i’m pierced by the symbol of a god i can’t call my
salvation’s kingdom, take me home

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