oblivious state of mind lyrics – a past unknown

pick yourself up off the floor, when the haters strike
they tear into the soul, they’ll ask for you dead, un-
alive. open up your eyes, taste and see this life will be
bitter or sweet, which one will you lead?

close the door on the answers, they’ll find you out.
reach forth some more digging deeper, don’t be scared
what you’ll find, brace yourself and realize it’s your
time to find life.

this isn’t the end but the beginning. your fate revealed
in time, your thoughts resist the lies, is this world
worth gaining if you forfeit your soul? no, let it go,
understand you missed the fall straight into oblivion
where the wonderers they walk alone, a place so dark but
they still see the shadows.

a sought out glimpse of hope pierced the soul so low.
living in fear of reaching nothing is over now. black
stains removed from the veins stuck so deep. washed white
with life undead, this isn’t the end. no, this is hope,
pulled together right before you. completely redeemed,
with promise, forgiven.

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