obstacles lyrics – kourambethes baby

by: nicholas m. halkias
i miss you!
the pleasure of looking
upon your face cannot be mine.
the joy that comes from
your very presence escapes me.
in my dreams,
your image is
so much more apparent
when we are closer together.
i miss you!
the solace the sound of your voice gives me
is greater when you are near.
a gaze from your eyes is like a warmth of sunshine
that penetrates my heart.
when we embrace each other,
i am put in a state of euphoria
that leaves me as you depart
to further your life.
i miss you!
i anxiously look forward to
the time we have together in the future.
when you are away, i wish for the future
to quickly become the present.
although boundaries seperate us,
we become united through
our love and prayers.
i miss you!
i find it hard to express
my feelings without you by my side.
with every breath, i want to confess
my love as a comfort over the miles.
but, i know that before i can say
“i love you!” enough,
we will meet again.
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