ocular introspection lyrics – internal bleeding

i am f*cked up from these substances
i figure things out in mere instances

colors rattle my sight, it cannot be
distorted visages is what i see

ocular introspection (of my mind)
ocular introspection (i am not blind)

ocular introspection (it’s time to die)

the walls now have moved and they pulse
brilliant shadows
i now see god, he is there
help me father
screams of anguish and of rage
infest my mind
i’ve seen the light, it is bright
violence ignites

mirror images of my life p*ss me by
sinful creation coming forth, let it begin

subconscious thoughts, acting erratically
sadness lasting only sporadically

i will now break free this mold or my sanity will fold
cast out demons of my present and my past
creator of my life will end it fast

i am now going insane

chaotic thoughts of p*ssion
mocking my vision
i thought that i could win
but this maze will never end

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