of fear and peace lyrics – sabertooth zombie

on the street corner of my mind
there’s an apostle playing a harp
he says, “on this soapbox, i’ve begun to find, there’s so
much peace in my heart.”
in the smoke-filled rooms of my mind
there’s a magician eager to start
he said, “i’m here to put the mystery back into death,
there has never been fear in my heart”
and i’ll p*ss on the walls of organization
cold stare in the eyes of convention
i still yearn to be the gleam of self-destructive eyes
singing deathwish blues but still afraid to die
the moon reflecting the sun greets me when i’m out
urges me to destroy, his friends all know my name
i follow them to the dam holding back a river of ire
he is the key inside of me that sets this world on fire.

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