of words… to darkness lyrics – horna

i have bestowed pains in lucid and timeless
graveyard harbours by my own sea.
one stone was cast in it’s gl*ss waves…
disharmony, infection.
i sighed a storm that drowned them.
bare a foot upon my sh*r* illumination.
in the calm of the water.
shine of unholy options, mirrored by wintermoon.
choose and i may not…
bare a hand upon my sh*r* illumination.
life is not the answer.
the hands are rotten.
fool’s reflection, vanish now.
i am still the disintegrator.
lucid ultimate pain, dissolver.
in the years of brightness
until my hateful victory
the garden grew…
withered thoughts and vivid words.
vanish now.
i have cast the firemist
for those in truth
shan’t bare the illness.
we are of his flame.
… the revelation.

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