oh holy dread! lyrics – letter to the exiles

oh, holy dread, where are you now? i scream. oh…
where are you now? the horror!

you are the only one who can save me from this world
that i don’t
know how much longer i can hold on, when there is
nothing left.
i will scream at the top of my lungs, i am ready to go
i can’t take another breath without wanting to leave.

where are your answers now? can’t you see when i’m
sliding down to the coldness of h*ll?
twisted inside out with lies. this is the weight i
feel. while you are dreaming i am dying.
the sun will fail. while you laugh, i die. this is the
while you are dreaming i am here dying. this is the
way. broken sorrow.

every minute that i stand here i grow weaker.
i am a victim of my own morality. how much more can i
take of this oblivion?

there is no escape from this. it’s everywhere i am.

and everywhere i go, i find it buried deep inside.

there is no escape from this holy dread i have. there
is just a whisper.
there is no escape from this holy dread.

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