oh virginia lyrics – blessid union of souls

oh virginia

here’s my chance to say thank you to a place where
all my memories are fond and an essence of my heart
waiting there with open arms, there’s melissa full of charm
how i miss her so, she was such a sight of love down in

oh virginia, down the highway to 64
east way to newport news, there you’ll find an open door in
oh virginia, all my friends are there to greet me
just a smile down 64, along the open road

at the patton hotel, i spent lots of time there
that’s where we decided, this is where we wanted to be
and down the road on jefferson, you’ll find steamer’s close by
if you see mark and steve breen, tell ’em jeff and i both said, “hi”

but we were younger then, never knowing then
that she would take us as her own and make us part of her life
highway to the sun, we had so much fun
i can’t wait to get there, tell ’em that i miss my second home

oh virginia, down the way, we’ll be there in no time
oh virginia, just a ride down 64
oh virginia, i can see those signs from here
oh virginia, 25 miles to hampton roads

oh virginia
oh virginia
sing it

we got friends in yorktown
we got friends in williamsburg
we got friends in newport news
we want all of y’all from portsmouth sing

we got friends in bluefield
we got friends in richmond
we got friends in hampton roads
and down by the beach, let me hear everybody, yeah

oh virginia
oh virginia

oh virginia
oh virginia

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